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Pella Garage Doors are quickly becoming one of the more popular garage doors on the market today. For decades, Pella has produced some of the finest windows in the country. A great manufacturing process, innovative products, quality materials and superb customer support has made Pella a household name. For this reason, Lowe’s Home Improvement has borrowed the Pella name to sell Amarr garage doors. For years, when you visited Lowe’s to look at a garage door you were sold a brand called Reliabilt. Those of us in the industry knew full well that Reliabilt did not manufacture garage doors. Reliabilt was just the name plastered on the side of Amarr garage doors. In the vast number of cases, the door wasn’t even labeled as Reliabilt. They were sold as Reliabilt, and then a local door installer would pick up an Amarr garage door at the local Amarr distribution center and install it on your home.  Now, Lowe’s has stepped it up a bit further and put together a licensing deal with Pella. How do I know all of this? It’s simple, Amarr has approached me directly to license the Pella name for my website clients and for my local service centers. It’s the same Amarr garage doors that I sell on this site, yet adding the Pella name adds several percentage points to my buying cost. Sadly, I would have had to pass that cost on to my clients. In the end, I thought that it would just be more advantageous to pass the saving of using the Amarr name over to my clients and educate them on the fact that it’s the exact same door, off of the exact same assembly line, delivered by the exact same Amarr trucks.


It is our thinking at Garage Door & More that the buying power of our dollar has been reduced to the point that charging more for the exact same product makes no sense for the American Homeowner.  Amarr is an American made  brand widely accepted as having some of the finest and most unique doors available today. We are proud to be selling Amarr garage doors and really have no inclination to pretend that they are anything, but Amarr garage doors.


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