How to replace a garage door opener battery

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How to replace a garage door opener battery

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Here at Garage Doors & More of the Piedmont, we often get calls from customers who have garage door remotes that have stopped working. They generally assume that the garage door remote is broken, and that a new unit is the only option. In most cases, it is nothing more than a dead battery. Maybe you have even replaced the battery in your remote and it is still not working. Not to worry, we may be able to save that old remote yet.

Getting Started

If you carefully remove the back cover of your remote you will see the battery inside the housing. There are several battery variations. The most common battery type that we encounter is what looks like a standard watch battery. These batteries can be purchased in most grocery stores and pharmacies. Then next most common battery that you will find in these application is the 9 volt battery. No explanation needed here due to their popularity. Last, and least often used, are the very small Alkaline batteries. These can also be purchased at grocery stores and pharmacies.

Don’t forget this Step

The most important reason that I wrote this blog post is not to chime on about my expertise with battery types. I decided to post because most homeowners miss the most important step to getting their remotes up and running again.
Opener Remote
They just don’t realize that the remote has to be reprogrammed to the garage door opener. When you remove the battery from a remote, or the remote goes dead, it loses it’s connection to the garage door opener. So, it’s time to pull out that garage door opener manual, and find the section on remote programming. Most newer models come with learn buttons on the side, and programming is a very easy task, you just have to do it.
For more information on programming your remote, feel free to leave a comment, and I will reply as soon as possible. If you have tried my tips, and have decided to replace your remotes just give us a call at 704-895-1006. We service the entire Charlotte Metro area. We repair all major brands

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  1. Ruth Ann Cihil says:

    Can you fix/repair Tek-Key 2000 remote? Both front parts came off. Can they be repositioned so remote will work?

    • rbroome says:

      Hi Ruth,

      It’s quite possible. If not, the Tek-Key 2000 remotes are pretty easy to get your hands on.

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