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Eliminate Clogged Gutters Forever With This Brand New, Advanced Rain Gutter Guard That Is Guaranteed To Prevent Clogs For The Lifetime Of Your Gutter

Every spring it’s the same ordeal. You have to get the ladder out, dawn your gloves, and grab piles and piles of rotten, wet leaves that are clogging your gutters.

Or, if you’re like most Americans, you just leave the clog and deal with the damage that comes from not removing those blockages. Not getting ready for those blockages can lead to leaks, damaged gutters, and so many more issues!

Not to mention all of that piled up rotten mess will lead to some very judgmental looks from your neighbors.

So, you basically have two options – go through the ordeal of cleaning out your gutters every spring or you could prevent those issues altogether with this brand new rain gutter guard that will stop everything but rain water from entering your gutters.

A Low Tech Answer To A Highly Frustrating Problem

It’s pretty simple right? Just put a cover on the gutter and BOOM no more build up. Seems a little too easy. That’s because it is – the wrong kind of cover won’t let the water in, basically acting as if there wasn’t a gutter there in the first place, leaving you with water rolling off your roof an onto your front step, in front of your bedroom window, all of the places you don’t want water!

Nope, just putting a cover on your gutter won’t work. Instead, you need a mesh. And our rain gutter guard is the most advanced mesh ever. The surgical grade stainless steel mesh easily allows all of the rain water down into your gutter while everything else rolls right off the roof – including pine needles and roof grit!

Let me break down the four parts of the guard and explain exactly how each one provides you with superior protection from clumps and pile ups.

First, the elevated micro mesh. This mesh itself is designed in an S curve – causing all the debris to sit elevated on the guard, making it easy to be blown away by the wind or more rain water. Our mesh is the only gutter guard to make use of this elevated technology – allow more rain water into your gutter without allowing a speck of debris to enter your gutter.

Second, This micro mesh screen will not rust or corrode and provides total and complete protection from debris as small as a grain of sand. The mesh is designed to last as long as your gutter does.

Third, a reinforced steel frame. The 28 gauge steel frame is ready for anything the environment has to offer; whether that is a falling limb or a  couple feet of wet snow the frame will not collapse or sag.

And fourth, a custom, one-piece high flow miter. Corners are always trouble spots for gutters. Our solution is a custom, one-piece miter that allows for maximum water flow, without opening up your gutter to debris. It’s a very elegant solution to a problem that most gutter guards completely ignore.

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gutter guard


  • 28 gauge metal frame provides that resist warping.
  • Elevated Mesh allows Valor to self-clean and stops piling on the gutter guards.
  • Valor has the ability to capture up to 20 inches of hourly rainfall.
  • Lifetime warranty & the industries ONLY screen clog warranty.
  • Family Owned Local Business
  • No Pressure Sales Process

Leaf Filter

  • Vinyl frame that warps in hot and cold temperatures.
  • Guards lay flat that allow debris to build up and can damage sub-roof and fascia.
  • Water can run over guards in heavy rain.
  • No warranty for screen clogs.
  • Guards installed by subcontractors.
  • High Pressure Sales Process
gutter guard


  • Fully enclosed system.
  • Works with existing gutters.
  • Valor has the ability to capture up to 20 inches of hourly rainfall.
  • Lifetime warranty & the industries ONLY clog- free warranty.
  • No Pressure Sales Process


  • Large opening allows for debris to enter and clog the system.
  • You will have to replace your existing gutters.
  • Water runs over gutters in heavy rain.
  • Warranty limited to free gutter cleaning if your gutters clog.

  • High pressure salesman.

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Save up to 50% off competitors pricing plus Get A $200 Savings Certificate.

Our Rain Gutter Guard Plus Seamless Gutters – A Match Made In Heaven

If you are looking to replace your gutter, or even if you are just looking to repair a part of it, I would strongly suggest you consider the investment of switching to seamless gutters.

Seamless gutters have been shown over time to not only increase the value of the home (because they look beautiful!) but also prevent many of the issues that can lead to bigger problems down the line – like destroyed landscaping, driveway damage, flooded basements, damaged soffit and fascia, and more!

By upgrading to a seamless gutter system with our rain gutter guard, you are basically taking out an insurance policy against future damage and issues.

Plus you’ll never have to clean out your gutters again! It’s a win-win!

What You Should Do Next To Get The Best Gutters And Gutter Guard On The Market Right Now!

If you are serious about never cleaning out your gutters again, you need to click the button below to schedule an online estimate with one of our gutter experts.

We will then meet you at your home or business to gather the necessary measurements for a new gutter system or system upgrade. We will also point out problem areas that may be causing leaks or damage to your home. Then, we will ask you a series of questions to help identify any needs, and propose solutions that may benefit or interest you.

Once you’ve chosen the right gutter system for your home, we will provide you with cost and payment options.

It’s that easy. And don’t worry, there is no pressure or obligation to buy when you come out to your house. We want to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family.

And when you book your call today, you’ll also qualify for a free Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Tune Up package when you purchase a gutter protection system. Let us do the cleaning for you this time and, after you purchase and we install your new gutter guard, you’ll never have to worry about it again!

Click the button below to schedule your estimate today and enjoy knowing you’ll never have to clean out your gutter again!


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