Garage Door Safety Should Be A Priority

Are your pets, children, and others safe from your garage door?

If you’re anything like me, you use your garage door as an entrance and an exit to your home. Due to this, you open and close your garage door hundreds of times a month. Your garage door is almost always the largest moving object in your house and has many moving parts, so not maintaining your door system can cause serious problems. Just like a car, a garage door is made up of metal wear parts. These parts often need to be lubricated, adjusted or replaced to extend life and safety.

Why Tune Up A Garage Door?

To be frank, not knowing the condition of your garage door is dangerous. When you hear creaks and noises, it’s often a sign that your door needs maintenance. A garage door should be inspected on a regular basis for wear, alignment and adjustment. Below, I will outline the parts of the door that you need to keep an eye on.

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The Rigidity of the Door Panels

Most don’t know this, but the sturdiness of the door panels is the only thing that keeps the door from collapsing on your car when you open your garage door. I notice doors daily when driving through neighborhoods with creased and damaged panels. This can be unsafe, and should be addressed as soon as possible. These panels also get damaged due to improper maintenance of your garage door opener. We will delve in to that more below.

When was your last garage door tune up?

Spring Systems

When it comes to garage doors, spring systems are the danger zone. Every year, we see experienced garage door technicians with gruesome injuries because they got a little too comfy dealing with spring systems.

Most don’t realize it, but the springs are the muscle that moves your door system. If the springs are not adjusted regularly, undue stress is placed on your opener. This causes damage to the opener’s gear assembly, and can even pull the trolley arm away from the door. This typically calls for a costly repair. An experienced garage door technician can also give you insights on when to replace your springs. Some homeowners do not replace their springs until they break. This can be dangerous and can damage to other parts of the door system. It is also the leading cause of our clients being stuck in their garages when they are heading to work in the morning.

broken spring

Garage Door Openers

A poorly adjusted and maintained garage door opener can be the cause of serious damage. I’ll outline below why you need to pay particular attention to this part of your door system.

Down Force: Your opener has a setting to adjust how hard your door pushes down. A properly maintained garage door should reverse on it’s own when sat down on an object. A poorly maintained door system will not reverse, and can even crush anything under the door. The is the leading cause of damaged garage doors in my business.

Limits: Your garage door opener has a setting that tells the door system how far down to close, and how far to open. If this setting is incorrect, it can cause damage to the opener. We often see the adjustment set too aggressively, and this causes wear to the top center stile, and connecting to the trolley arm.

The door below was most likely sat down on an item, and the door did not reverse. 

Liftmaster WLED

Bottom Door Seal

An improperly adjusted garage door often does not seal well to the concrete. This can often be due to the setting on your door system, or worn bottom weather seal. This can allow debris, insects and rodents to enter your garage. These problems can easily be addressed during your next garage door tune up.

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