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Linear LDCO800

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Linear LDCO800

Garage Door & More of the Piedmont offers three Linear garage door opener types – Heavy Duty Series , Premium Series (standard) and Contractor Series (light duty). The way to finding the best Linear garage door opener for your home or business is evaluating the type of use the door gets. Depending on how it is used, your garage door opener will need more or less power to drive it. Many people base their opener power on their garage door size. This is a starting point, but there are other factors. You see, your garage door opener does not really have the muscle to open and close your door with out mechanical failure. The force that truly raises and lowers your door lies in the function of your spring system. It is quite often that garage door openers suffer damage when your spring system is out of balance, or you have a broken spring. So, when choosing a door opener, it’s not always about having a big door. See below for what we think are major factors when choosing an opener system.

For families or commercial sites that use an automatic door opener more than 10 times per day (3,650 times a year!) we recommend an “unlimited use” opener. A heavy duty Linear garage door opener with a DC motor provides the type of toughness and power required in these garages. Garage Door & More of the Piedmont offers the Linear LDCO800 automatic door opener, with many outstanding features: Energy-efficient, green DC-powered door opener designed with a smooth-start and soft-stop, ultra-quiet, long-term reliable performance. See Our Linear opener Specials.


This line of automatic door opener includes:

1/2 HP Chain or Belt Drive
Three button remote control
Deluxe wall station
Smooth, quiet operation
Belt drive or chain drive
Dual 100 watt courtesy lights
Noise reduction technology.

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Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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