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Commercial Steel Doors

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Commercial Steel Doors

Commercial Steel Doors

For strength and value, you can trust the Haas line of commercial sectional doors. This line of commercial doors is our value based product that is a favorite of our local clients. This collection is available in 4 panel designs and 4 color choices making it suitable for almost any facility. This line of steel doors come standard non-insulated, but are upgradable to include energy efficient polystyrene insulation panels. Haas Commercial Sectional doors are available in 2 thicknesses. Our standard doors are 24g and supply a thick and durable door that Haas backs with a lifetime warranty. In some areas, an even heavier duty door skin is desired. That’s why Haas offers a super thick 20g door.

Track Options

Haas Commercial Doors are available in both 2” and 3” track. Our track can be configured in standard lift, low clearance options, high lift and vertical lift. Our track can be fitted to wood, steel and concrete applications.


At Garage Doors & More, our roller of choice is a Teflon coated 11-ball nylon roller. Our Hinges, brackets, and reinforcing struts are hot-dipped galvanized steel. We also have an option for powder coated hardware. Our fasteners are also plated for superior corrosion resistance. Our counterbalance spring systems are torsion type, and are computer calibrated to exact standards for your door load. Our standard spring life cycle is 10k cycles, but we offer optional upgrades for spring cycles as high as 100k.

Available Options:

Exhaust Ports in various sizes
Cam Safety Device
Spring Bumpers
Reduced Drive Chain Hoist
25k, 50k, 100k High Cycle Springs
Wind Rating to local codes
15k High Cycle Rollers
Aluminum Full View Section
Keyed Lock Systems

All Haas High R-Value Insulated doors include a 3-tier corrosion-resistant protective finish with a polyurethane primer and a durable polyester finish coat on the interior and exterior. Haas Door’s paint thickness is one of the highest in the industry. Available in Polar White, Almond, Sandstone and Brown.


When installing a sectional door, it’s best to decide how you will operate the door before purchasing. Please let your sales rep know how you intend to use your door, so that we may provide you with the most accurate quote. Changing the type of operation may change the shaft type, and the lift option may change the type of opener needed for your door to work it’s best. You can always choose to raise and lower your garage door manually, but there are other options such as chain hoist and electric openers.

Chain Hoist | Troiley Opener | Jackshaft Opener
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At Garage Doors & More, we never ask you for a blank check when you call us. Our technicians will never install parts or complete a repair without your prior consent. If we make a repair and the issue reappears…we fix that issue – FREE.

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