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At Garage Doors & More, we specialize in residential sectional garage doors. We install thousands of doors a year on homes in North Carolina. Some of these doors are for local area home builders. When homeowners are buying a new home, they sometimes get caught up in other areas that often take precedence over their new garage door. In many cases, it seems to not be that important at all. Why would I make this claim? Very often, we see super nice homes with non-insulated or very low grade garage doors. Sometimes, we even see houses that are $400-$500k with no garage door openers installed. The buyers opt to install a low end home store special in hopes to save a few bucks.

Non-Insulated Garage Doors

This may seem like a harmless corner to cut when buying your new home, but it can mean quite a bit when you move in to your new place. Not only are non-insulated garage doors super noisy, but they actually create sweltering hot garages in the summer time. You see, most residential garage doors are steel. When they get direct sunlight, the door heats up and acts as a heating element. This creates for a very uncomfortable space. If you keep your garbage can in your garage, it makes for a very hot and smelly space. My recommendation, pay the extra to your builder for an insulated door.

Low Grade Brands or Models

You may have confidence in the new home that you are buying because it’s being constructed by a national builder, but you may need to take a closer look. When we started shopping our doors and services to national builders, we began to visit job sites to see what products that we had to sell against. When we looked at the offering of our competition, we started to get excited. We were appalled by the low grade products that were being installed on very nice homes. When we began reaching out to the builders, this seemed to be what they wanted. Cheap and easy to sell. Some of these products were built to sound good on paper, but are intentionally misleading buyers in to thinking that they are high quality.

Cheating The Numbers

A notorious brand that produces builder grade doors sells a product that has steel door sections that are only 1″ thick. Most single and double layer garage doors are 2″ think. This door is actually 1″ thick, but has a few supports built in that stick out at the top and the bottom. They use these supports as a way to claim that the door is 2.5% thick. 19″ of the 21″wide section is 1″ thick, yet they used the measurement on the braces as the section thickness, odd. The next oddity that we noticed was that the back of the door seemed like some type of paper. Most garage doors have sections that are steel on both sides or even vinyl on the backside, but this felt like some type of paper. I could go on about the spring system and other low grade parts, but I digress. When buying your new home, ask to see a sample of the door that you are buying and cost differences to step above the entry level.

Installing Your Own Garage Door Motor

It may seem like a good idea to pick up a garage door motor at a home store and not buy the motors offered by the builder. In my opinion, this is a mistake. Not only are most home store units very low grade, but many garage door companies will not warranty a door in which a customer has installed a motor after installation. Saving a few dollars now, could cost you big in the long run.

Great garage door brands that many builders sell.

  • Pella Garage Doors
  • Amarr Garage Doors
  • CHI Garage Doors
  • Clopay Garage Doors
  • Haas Garage Doors
  • Hormann Garage Doors
  • Raynor Garage Doors

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