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Your garage door could be an easy way for criminals to get into your home if you aren’t careful. In this article, we’ll look at eight of the best tips for improving garage door security, which will help to keep you, your family, and your home safer. Older model doors are particularly problematic because they don’t have the same features. Those doors more than a decade old should get a replacement. They will function better, be safer, and provide better security. Regardless of how old your door is though, the following eight tips will help to improve your security.

Security Tip#1 – Your Remote
Never leave the remote for the garage door in your vehicle. If a thief breaks into the car, he will have the remote, which they could then use to get inside of your home. A much better idea than keeping your remote on the visor is to invest in a smaller remote you can clip right to your keys. This ensures you never lose it.

Security Tip#2 – Keep the House Locked
If you have a home with an attached garage, you should always make sure you keep your home locked. Instead of using a just a typical lock, you should consider adding a deadbolt. It’s also a good idea to use a digital entry lock on the door that leads into your home. You do not want to make it easy for criminals.

Security Tip#3 – Never Leave the Garage Door Open
Only open your garage door when you are going in and out. Don’t simply open up the door and leave it open when you are running inside and outside with groceries and the like. A thief only needs a minute to slip into the garage. Some people leave their garage doors open all the time, and this is an invitation to thieves.

Security Tip#4 – Cover the Windows in the Garage Door
You don’t want thieves to see everything that you have in your garage. You could have expensive tools, bikes, and other gear that you want to protect. Windows that look right into the garage and show people what you have are a bad idea. You could forego the windows, or at least add tinting or frost to them to make it impossible for the thieves to see inside.

Security Tip#5 – Use a Padlock
If you will be out of town, you should add an additional padlock to the garage as a means to keep it just a bit safer.

Security Tip#6 – Extend the Security System
If you have a security system for the rest of your home, you can’t forget about the garage. Make sure that you extend the alarm and camera system to this most vulnerable room of the house as well.

Security Tip#7 – Maintain
The garage door is one of the doors in the house that no one really pays much attention to unless there is trouble. You should make sure that you check the door and the motorized elements to ensure they are working properly. If they have any issues, have someone repair them right away.

Security Tip#8 – Illumination
Consider what’s happening on the outside of the garage as well. If it is dark and you do not have enough lighting, it means that thieves will feel more comfortable approaching. By adding some exterior lighting, it makes approaching the door a bit more dangerous for criminals, and most will simply avoid your house.
These tips are very easy to implement into your life right now. They are simple, but they really will help you to improve the quality of your garage door security.

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