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In my office, we take a dozen phone calls a day from prospective customers interested in a price on a new garage door. In many cases, the customer has very little information about their current garage door configuration and what they want in a new door. However, they want a price.

I have decided to write this blog to help customers save time by doing a little homework before making calls. This information is not a substitute for having a professional do the take-off and giving you a thorough product demonstration, but can be used more as a guide to setting budgets and weeding out the pretenders when you make the calls.

Choosing a Company

In the opinion of many, a garage door is a commodity and lowest price is king. I can see how this opinion could be formed, but there are many inside our industry that see this very differently. Personally, I feel that there are a lot of great manufacturers on the market with strong products. The truth is that most manufacturers have flagship doors and the rest of the offerings are not nearly as strong. To get the very best value in a new door, I think it’s super important to invite a select few dealers in to your home, so that you can see a sample of the product and get a feel for their company.

What to look for

The great thing about the internet for consumers is that most reputable companies have reviews and product information online. Companies like Angie’s List compile reviews from real homeowners that have had work done by properly vetted contractors. These reviews can’t be bought or faked. Just like most home improvement industries, the garage door business is full of fly by night outfits and full out thieves. Save yourself the headaches and find those 3rd party review services and ask companies for references. Any reputable outfit will have a list of happy customers willing to help you make a great choice.

Price vs Value

Last week, I decided to take a trip to North Myrtle Beach, SC. When I got online to look for a room, there were rooms as high as $350 a night and others as low as $25 a night. I chose to stay at the Marriott at Grand Dunes. This is one of the higher end resorts in the area. To me, I wasn’t looking for a cheap room. I wanted to stay at a hotel that provided me with great service and a positive experience. This is exactly what I got. When it comes to service companies, you can get the Red Roof or The Ritz Carlton. The real upside is that in our industry, The Ritz doesn’t necessarily cost you any extra. The difference is not only better products, but the difference in the overall experience can be huge. For many of us, dedication to great service is the number one priority. So, when shopping for a garage door, do the research and find a highly service oriented company. Listen, anyone can be positive and upbeat until they have your money. What counts is how a company conducts themselves when a problem arises. This is what separates the wheat from the chaff, The Ritz from The Red Roof.

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