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Loading Docks Charlotte NC

When businesses send and receive freight on a regular basis, it’s important to have the right equipment on your loading docks.  Having the right solutions in place helps to ensure worker safety and efficiency. This helps to improve profits and makes for a more secure and profitable work environment. A proper loading dock set up also helps to protect your building and the trailers that are backing in. Have questions? We service the entire Charlotte Metro area.

Dock Bumpersdock-bumpers

Dock bumpers are an entry level solution to loading and unloading trucks. The most common dock bumpers are laminated bumpers. These bumpers are made of piles of treads from truck tires. This durable material provides a long life cycle and they are economical to install. These bumpers are generally anchored below the level of your dock door or welded in to place. You can learn more about different varieties of dock bumpers and their uses here.




Dock SealsMcGuire Dock Seals

For facilities that need protection from the elements, additional security and added structural safety, dock seals may be the answer. Dock Seals, when used correctly, can provide a business with all of the aforementioned benefits and more. In many cases, dock seals are a must for facilities that ship and receive food items that need to be protected from pest contamination and temperature variance. Click the link below to learn more about dock seals and shelters.



Dock Levelersleveler hydraulic

In many cases, facilities ship and receive items from trucks with a variety of heights. In this case, it is best to employ the use of a dock leveler. Most dock equipment providers offer dock levelers that are mechanical, hydraulic, and air powered. Each type of leveler will suit the need of a property owner a bit differently. click the button below to learn more specifics about dock levelers and to determine which type of leveler that will work best for your location.



Dock Doorsdock door charlotte

When it comes to garage doors, there are many different styles and configurations. The most common and economical for loading docks are commercial sectional doors. These doors work like a standard garage door which you find on most residential properties. The main difference is the look and thickness of the door sections. Commercial Sectional doors are made to take the rigors of loading dock traffic and provide long life and low cost of ownership. Learn more at the link below.


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