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Some folks are going to look at this post and think, wow, is there someone out there that can’t figure this out on their own. Yes, there is. It’s usually the person that assumes that they have all of the information.  They call me every day, and I have to walk them through the process. Getting the right garage door for your home is a little more complex than just being a single or double car garage door. Let’s take a closer look at the information that you are going to need to install a new garage door, so that you can get this process started.


First, Measure the garage door opening in feet and inches. This will be the measurement that you provide to your local garage door dealership. Always give the dealer the width first, and then the height. These measurements are generally in round numbers. Common widths for single car garage doors are 8’, 9’ and 10’. Standard double car Garage Doors are 16 or 18’ wide. Standard heights for both double and single car garage doors are 7’ and 8’. There are many variations, but these are the standard sizes.

Next, you will need to measure for side room. Pull a tape measure from the end of the opening to the closest wall or obstruction. If you don’t have at least 4’’ then you most likely won’t have the ability to install a door in that opening.

Next, you will need to measure the door for headroom. Here, you will take a measurement from the ceiling of the garage to the top of the garage door opening. This will allow you to determine the lift that you need for your new garage door. You will need 13’’ for a standard lift door, and 16’’ if that door will have a garage door opener installed. Anything less than this measurement will result in needing low headroom double track.  Note this measurement, and have it handy when calling your garage door dealer for a quote.

Last, you will need to measure your  ”backroom”. This is the Distance from the garage door opening to the back wall of the garage. Be sure to note any obstructions that might interfere with your garage door being able to open properly.  A 7’ tall garage door will need 7’ of back room, so this is a concern worth noting before measuring for a new door.

If you would like more information on measuring for a new garage door contact Garage Doors & More .


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