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Energy efficiency has become a huge hot button issue in our society. The conversation is “fueled” by high energy cost, and by possible damage to our planet. Homeowners spend a great deal of time and effort researching ways to make their homes more efficient. One very inexpensive way to keep out the draft is by changing out the old weatherstripping around your garage door. In many cases, we see homes with no weatherstripping at all, or the weatherstripping is worn or installed improperly. Below, I will provide a list of materials needed, and the proper steps to move you toward a better looking and less drafty installation.

garage-door-weather-stripping-replaceYou will need:

  • Confidence
  • Color matched Garage Door Weatherstripping
  • Claw Hammer
  • Color Matched Trim Nails
  • Color Matched Caulking
  • Razor Knife
  • Hand Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Friend or family member

As I said above, in many cases the garage door weatherstripping was never installed, so just feel free to skip the removal steps. 1st, we need to get that old weatherstripping off of your garage door jambs. We will achieve this by using a razor knife and a claw hammer. 1st, take the razor knife, and run it down the back of the weatherstripping. This will give you the ability to wedge the claw of the hammer behind the weatherstripping. If you have aluminum coil stock covering your jambs this may become a slow tedious process. The objective is to lift the vinyl only in the areas where nails are located, so that you can remove the nails with the claw of the hammer. Once this is finished just lay the old weatherstripping to the side. We may be able to use it for reference later.

Next, take out your tape measure, and get a measurement from the top weather seal that you removed. This will be the piece that we replace first. If the piece was destroyed or not available just pull a very tight measurement the width of the opening. Use your saw to cut the garage door weatherstripping to within 1/8 of your measurement. This will give you a tight fit. Now, lay the weatherstripping down on a flat surface and begin to hammer your trim nails in to the garage door weatherstripping. Start on one end, and use the width of the hammer to find consistent spacing. As you get closer to the opposite end, adjust as you see fit to keep a good pattern. Now, open your garage door, and line up the front edge of the vinyl to the edge of the garage door opening. Have a friend or family member hold the other end to ensure that the cut was correct. After you get proper placement, drive the 1st nail in to the garage door jambs. Don’t drive the nails all the way in. Leave yourself room for error. After you confirm that the positioning is correct, it is simple to go back and drive all of the nails in securely. Now, for the sides, pull a measurement from your concrete slab up to the bottom of the garage door weatherstripping that you just installed. After cutting, install in the same fashion. To check for correct positioning, close the garage door and check for gaps. Once this is confirmed drive in the nail heads, apply caulking to the back edge, and your install is complete.


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