Garage Door Coupon Specials

10:09 pm

In today’s blog post, I’d like to examine many of the coupons that garage door companies offer in their advertising campaigns. I’ll break these out in to sections based on the most common. I’d like to say right up front how utterly useless some of these coupons really are. That’s why you will see that […]

Should I Repair or Replace my Garage Door?

10:17 pm

This is a question that we get quite a lot from our customers. Many homeowners have garage doors that still look fine, but they are in need of maintenance or repairs. These are some of the issues that we run in to and a little insight that may help you make the best choice for […]

Overhead Door Company

2:48 pm

Overhead Door Company Where the company started, and who they are today. In 1921, the founder of the Overhead Door Company,  C. G. Johnson, invented the upward lifting door. A few years later, in 1926, he invented the garage door opener. This was the birth of an industry. Since then, Overhead Door Company has grown […]