Garage Door Coupon Specials

10:09 pm

In today’s blog post, I’d like to examine many of the coupons that garage door companies offer in their advertising campaigns. I’ll break these out in to sections based on the most common. I’d like to say right up front how utterly useless some of these coupons really are. That’s why you will see that […]

How to replace a garage door opener battery

11:14 am

How to replace a garage door opener battery Here at Garage Doors & More of the Piedmont, we often get calls from customers who have garage door remotes that have stopped working. They generally assume that the garage door remote is broken, and that a new unit is the only option. In most cases, it […]

How to Measure for a New Garage Door

9:58 am

Some folks are going to look at this post and think, wow, is there someone out there that can’t figure this out on their own. Yes, there is. It’s usually the person that assumes that they have all of the information.  They call me every day, and I have to walk them through the process. […]

How to Frame a Garage Door Opening

9:02 pm

How to Frame a Garage Door Opening 1. Frame the rough opening for the opening to 3 inches wider than the garage door you have selected. 2. Frame the rough opening to a height that is 1.5’’ taller than the door that you have selected. 3. To finish the opening cut the header and jambs […]